Top Node.JS Frameworks for Web Application Development

What is Node.JS?

Why Node.JS is Special

  1. Great for agile development and prototyping
  2. Builds highly scalable enterprises applications faster
  3. More consistent and cleaner codebase
  4. Uses JavaScript language
  5. A vast ecosystem of open-source libraries

Benefits of Using Node.JS Frameworks

  1. Low learning curve
  2. Easy scalability
  3. Large and active community
  4. The benefit of full-stack JavaScript
  5. Use of single codebase for enhancing web performance
Benefits of Using Node.JS Frameworks



  1. Supports 14+ engine templates, HTTP methods
  2. Asynchronous programming results in high performance
  3. Faster server-side development
  4. Helps developers build eccentric apps
  5. Acts like a routing table
  6. Supports MVC Architecture

Use cases

  1. It can be used to develop enterprise-grade and/or browser-based applications
  2. Works for all kinds of web app development and mobile apps



  1. Highly responsive to the alternatives of device-operating systems like Android, iOS, and desktop apps
  2. A large community
  3. Supports integrations with different frameworks
  4. Has cross-platform compatibility
  5. Full-stack solution
  6. Code in JavaScript, Isomorphic framework

Use cases

  1. Suitable for building cross-platform products
  2. Can be used for developing dynamic applications



  1. Real-time collaboration
  2. Modular
  3. Server rendering
  4. Offers developers editing options
  5. Flawless synchronization between server and client in real-time
  6. Allows same code shared between client and server sides
  7. Gives the server the capacity to resolve conflicts automatically

Use cases

  1. Collective apps
  2. Real-time custom apps



  1. It’s futuristic and promotes customization
  2. Error handling is extraordinary
  3. Cascading middleware offers personalized UXs
  4. Building applications from scratch is easy

Use cases

  1. The framework can be used to create high-performing web apps
  2. It’s suitable for big projects and extensive app building



  1. Adds the real-time ability to apps
  2. Supports auto reconnection
  3. Encodes messages as named JSON or binary events
  4. Instant chat and messaging
  5. Excellent speed and reliability

Use cases

  1. Event handling
  2. Broadcasting
  3. Error handling
  4. Logging and debugging
  5. Chat applications



  1. Modular architecture for better flexibility
  2. The built-in testing package makes it easier for developers
  3. External libraries for better customization
  4. Facilities to build microservices

Use cases

  1. Scalable server-side web apps
  2. HTTP based REST APIS
  3. Microservices



  1. Compatible with a number of REST services and a variety of databases such as Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, Postgres, etc.
  2. Allows building a server API that maps to another server
  3. Unbelievably extensible
  4. Graph QL support
  5. Runs perfectly on the cloud
  6. Organized code structure
  7. Excellent documentation
  8. Developer-friendly with excellent documentation



What is the Node.JS framework?

What is the best framework for Node.JS?

What are the benefits of Node.JS?

  1. Scalability
  2. High performance
  3. Easy to learn
  4. Extensibility
  5. Active community

What is the best alternative for Node.JS?



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