AIoT: Another Buzzword? Here’s What You Need to Know

How Does AIoT Work?

Examples of AIoT

  • Smart devices: including lights, meters, thermostats, security cameras, and other devices used by both cities and homes
  • Retail: facial recognition of customers and better insights into consumer behavior and purchases
  • Manufacturing: improvements in asset management and maintenance, including reductions in downtime and increased safety measures
  • Autonomous vehicles: the ability to quickly use real-world data to make decisions based on current traffic conditions, location, and driving laws
  • Human resources: augmentation of employee services and better insights into personnel management
  • Supply chain management: expansion or just-in-time inventory management and supplies
  • Deliveries: automating delivery operations to streamline operations
  • Healthcare: better data from medical devices and automated notifications based on specific parameters
  • Government: smart devices for monitoring to make the most of resources and streamline the necessary response
  • IT services: automated corrective measures when certain failures or security issues occur.

What Are the Benefits of AIoT?

  • Faster insights from data analytics, which enable quicker response times
  • Autonomous adjustments to prevent asset or production failure
  • Improved scalability and optimization for new and existing features
  • Fewer resources are needed to monitor IoT devices or manually analyze data
  • More business intelligence to provide insights into current operations, as well as future opportunities.



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